Which Detox Should I Do?

Which Detox Should I Do?

I recently had a new patient who came in asking for a detox. She didn’t really know why she wanted one, but she wanted to see a naturopath to help her detoxify. I asked her which toxin she was concerned about. Had she been exposed to anything? Did she have symptoms? Which part of the body did she feel a need to cleanse? She had no idea, so I helped her choose the right cleanse for her.

Basically, toxins and microbes are everywhere therefore many of us probably need a liver cleanse and/or a parasite cleanse once or twice a year. This relieves our body and restores the ability to filter waste more effectively. Cleaner bodies are healthier bodies, especially since toxins and silent infections can lead to many chronic conditions.

We have FIVE main organs of detoxification:



The skin is our largest organ of elimination. Sweating, dry skin brushing, and infrared sauna are great ways to help the skin release toxins.



Our liver is the main lab in the body. It makes, modifies, and excretes chemicals, nutrients and hormones. Liver cleansing helps release congestion and stored chemicals out of our body so we can restore our ability to filter the blood.



The lungs exhale gaseous waste. Deep breathing exercises, essential oils, forest bathing, beaches and waterfalls can help the lungs maintain optimum function.



The colon is an extension of the liver’s ability to detoxify. Most of us don’t consume enough fibre to absorb and expel waste completely. The colon is also where our microbiome is located. This is our “bug balance”. Naturopaths often use the word “parasites”. This refers to the presence of microorganisms that reduce our health and/or the absence of probiotics which are the beneficial bacteria who should reside there. Eighty percent of our immune system is our probiotic status, and eight percent of our neurotransmitters are made by the bugs who live in our colon. That’s why gut health matters so much in treated mental health and the brain.



Our kidneys also filter the blood to release liquid waste into the urinary system. They are also very involved in handling our acidity and fluid balance. Simply lifestyle behaviours such as drinking enough water to see clear urine, matter immensely to many aspects of our health.


In addition to our five official detox organs, we also have a LYMPHATIC system that collects and handles deeper waste before releasing it into circulation. The lymphatic system is stimulated by sweating, physical activity, massage therapy and infrared sauna. Lymphatic circulation is slowed down by overconsumption of mucous-forming foods such as dairy, peanuts and bananas.


Annual detoxification is a theme in our clinic every spring. We use various health assessment methods including Hair Mineral Analysis, Urine Analysis, pH testing, Bio-Impedance Analysis and Live Cell Microscopy to determine whether you need a cleanse at all, and which one best suits your needs.


Darlene Gustin BSc ND has practised as Doctor of Naturopathic Medicine at the Bronte Natural Health Clinic for over 30 years. She is the 2023 winner of the Top Choice Award for Alternative Health in Oakville!

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