There’s No Such Thing as a Multivitamin !

There’s No Such Thing as a Multivitamin !

Patients often ask me which multivitamin should I take?”

The answer is, I don’t know, because there’s no such thing as a multivitamin! Every supplement company has a different ingredient list in their multivitamin and it may or may not match what you are deficient in. What’s your gender? What’s your age? What’s your activity level? Are you expecting? Are you on medications? Can you swallow and digest big, dry tablets? These are all considerations in choosing the right supplements.

Do I need any supplements?

Absolutely. The mineral content of our soil has been steadily declining for decades, due to agricultural practices. If the minerals are not in the soil, they are not in our fruits and vegetables, and they are not in the people either. Eating organic is somewhat better, but still not the nutritional quality of foods we grew and ate only one generation ago. We can taste the difference. Food doesn’t taste as good as it used to.

As Canadians, our winter diet consists of foods that were picked green, imported, or preserved in some way, all of which affects the nutritional quality of the food. We are also very likely to need vitamin D, the “sunshine vitamin” during our long, cold and dark winters.

Many common prescriptions including the birth control pill, and cholesterol medications deplete specific nutrients. Supplementing correctly can prevent side effects and enhance the health benefits and quality of life. Ask your naturopath or pharmacist how to properly schedule your supplements so as not to interfere with any prescribed medications.

Digestion is crucial, especially after middle age. It’s not what you eat, it’s what you digest and absorb that matters. This applies to your diet as well as your supplements. Notice if you have any symptoms in the first half hour after eating, and pay attention to the quality of your stool. If you have digestive symptoms, bloating, gas, abnormal stools, it is affecting more than just your digestive system.

How do I know what to supplement?

Naturopathic doctors use case history, nutritional physical exam and wellness testing to determine which supplements patients should take. We test patients for Hair Mineral Analysis, Live Blood Microscopy, or Digestive Stool Analysis to know which nutrients are deficient, or not being absorbed. These tests are relevant to find out if/what you should supplement, or to find out if you’re absorbing your nutrients, as well as knowing if and when you’ve taken too much.

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