Natural Health for Back To School

Natural Health for Back To School

The school bells are about to ring, fall is around the corner, and yet another cold and flu season awaits us. For most of us, summer health required little conscious effort because we rested, had more sunshine and outdoor activities and ate the fresh seasonal produce of Ontario farmers. There are several simple and natural approaches to keep it that way.

It all starts with a good breakfast and a glass of water. Many people rely on the speed and convenience of toast and cereal, yet often forget to include sufficient protein or water.  Eggs, cheese, yogurt, nuts, soya milk, protein shakes and high-protein cereals should be included at every breakfast to give long-lasting energy for the day. This will prevent energy drops in the afternoon, and evening cravings for sweets and grains.  Having enough water to keep your urine clear will also keep energy and mental focus high throughout the day.

Nutritional needs vary seasonally, and most Canadians show certain deficiencies in the winter.  We commonly show a lack of vitamins D and C, minerals, and essential fatty acids. In addition, our digestive strength declines with age, and most people over age 50 could use digestive enzymes, antioxidants, or a green product to enhance what’s missing in our winter diet.

For immunity, health support depends on the timing. Are you preventing infections? Is everyone around you sick? Or are you already sick?

Homeopathic remedies can be taken before or during cold and flu season to reduce the frequency and severity of infection. This is ideal for people with low immunity and/or high exposure to viruses. The remedies are very safe, can be used at any age and will not interfere with prescriptions.

At the first sign of a cold, or when everyone around you is sick, you might want to start with disinfecting the air by simmering a few drops of tea tree in water to release the disinfecting fumes. This is also the best time to take immune-boosting herbs such as Echinacea before the virus has time to multiply and spread throughout your body.

Once you are sick, it means the infection has multiplied and you may want to use supplements such as zinc, vitamin C or probiotics to support your immunity, or antimicrobials such as garlic, oregano, and goldenseal.

Prevention is the best medicine so take advantage of the good food and weather we will have available for another month or so and if you require more personal health solutions.


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