Nashwa Ramadan

PhD, D. Ac, DIM, DHM

“Maximize your health & wellness in your mind, body and spirit”

A medical graduate from Egypt with MSc & PhD. in Medical Microbiology, Parasitology, Virology, Immunology, Vaccinology & Molecular Biology Being a Professor at Ain Shams university in Egypt, I had many years of medical, research and educational experience And more than twelve years of holistic and integrative medicine experience where I started my studies in Integrative Medicine in Canada, and then worked as integrative medical doctor.

I found that chemical medicine can be poisonous to the body at the interior, exterior and psychological levels.

Deviation to natural paths of healing, and working with acupuncturists, massage therapists and physiotherapists in the same clinic was very profitable, being integrated together in treating patients as well as in precaution and maintenance of good health.

Adding acupuncture and traditional Chinese medicine to my integrative medicine and western medicine experiences, is a great achievement and more passion in helping the community to treat their conditions and have healthy and balanced life. 

I work on a partnership relationship with my clients seeking to incorporate treatment options, believing in the sophisticated biology connecting the brain and the immune system, with emotions and disease.

Believing in being healthy as a whole from inside out, I added Medical Aesthetics and is a certified Medical Aesthetician and member of the cosmetology association and the Canadian board of aesthetic medicine

I love Nature & Music, is a Piano and Tennis player and is the Grandma of two adorable sons!​

I am always willing to answer all your inquiries at:

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