Bronte Natural Health Clinic is Oakville’s award winning and most established naturopathic health center.  We pride ourselves on continuing education to provide patients with the most advanced natural therapies and professional products.  Our services also include health and wellness testing, and customized therapeutic lifestyle programs.  Our services are provided by licensed and regulated naturopathic doctors and their team of highly qualified complementary practitioners to provide nutritional consulting, blood testing and physical therapies.


Darlene Gustin BSc ND


Darlene Gustin was born and raised in Oakville, where she now lives and practices as a naturopathic doctor.  She founded the Bronte Natural Health Clinic in 1991 and has been a highly respected member of her local medical community.  Her excellence in integrated naturopathic health care quickly lead to the success of Bronte Natural Health Clinic which is largely based on word of mouth referrals.


Darlene received her Bachelor of  Science from the University of Toronto, and immediately followed with four years of full-time studies at the Canadian College of Naturopathic Medicine.  She has been the recipient of various academic awards and was co-valedictorian of her graduating class of naturopathic doctors in 1991.  Darlene continues to be an avid participant in continuing education for naturopaths and has many certificates in women’s health, oncology, nutrition, and therapeutic lifestyle.

Dr Darlene Gustin | Bronte Natural Health Clinic

Karolina Luburic H.B.Sc.


Karolina has an honors degree in science from the University of Toronto and is passionate about promoting health and wellness.  She provides Live Cell Analysis testing on our microscope, where patients can view a drop of their blood under high magnification.  This test is excellent to observe various nutritional and immune aspects of health.

Karolina Luburic H.B.Sc. | Bronte Natural Health Clinic

Paula Felicia De Candia, DHMS Hom.


Paula is a practicing Homeopath and Vice President of the Ontario Homeopathic Medical Association. She is also trained in Dry and Live Blood Cell Analysis, Reflexology and BodyTalk.  Paula is passionate about empowering stressed and overwhelmed patients to restore and maintain a vibrant, healthy life.

Paula Felicia De Candia, DHMS Hom. | Bronte Natural Health Clinic