Bronte Natural Health Clinic is Oakville’s most experienced naturopathic clinic, established in 1991 by naturopathic doctor Darlene Gustin.  We are conveniently located on Lakeshore Road West in the heart of Bronte Village where we serve the community with the highest available standard of naturopathic medicine, health testing, and professional quality supplements.


The clinic treats a variety of health conditions and accepts patients of any age.  We also offer prevention programs based on assessing personalized health risk factors and areas of un-wellness.  Our focus is to support patients in implementing lifestyle changes and to educate them in making informed health care decisions.


Bronte Natural Health Clinic has gained the trust and confidence of both patients and the local medical community over the past 24 years.  We are an award winning clinic and have a long standing reputation for providing excellence in integrated naturopathic health care.  Our goal is to educate and support our patients in their journey towards optimal health and wellness.


Open communication between patients and all health care providers is important to us, and we believe that this empowers people to make the most informed health care choices, leading to optimum health and quality of life.

Bronte Naturopathic Health Clinic



Prevention is the best medicine, and we want to work with individuals and families to help them live healthy and optimal lives for years to come.


Whether that means preventing colds and flu’s, or diabetes and cancer, we have the tools to protect your future.


Through diet and lifestyle counseling we help you make plans to prevent chronic diseases that may be in your family such as:  cancer, cardiovascular disease, high blood pressure, osteoporosis, diabetes, memory impairment, and more.

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